Sunday, 1 January 2012

Apa Beza Tab EX & EX UPC?


RM 180
  1. Protein EX UPC yang lebih pintar, dikenali sebagai TAT882
  2. Tambahan 2 fungsi EX UPC – slimming & breast enlargement (hasil adalah mengikut cara makan)
  3. Tiada sukatan mg pada EX UPC (pada tab EX 50mg glutathione setiap biji) – EX UPC – hanya protein TAT882 (mengandungi protein glutathione unik/dimodified, halal, tiada sumber binatang                                                   
  4. Made in Korea, but R&D di USA

To Use:

A) Normal, ageing, mild acne skin, lack of radiance, dull tired skin, open pores, mild dryness and for uneven skin tone:

• Take 1 or 2 EX after breakfast PLUS 1 or 2 EX after dinner

B ) Sun damaged, scarred, severe acne, dry, eye bags, sagging, hair loss, excessive sebum, large open pores and to treat skin diseases:

• Take 2 or 4 EX after breakfast PLUS 2 or 4 EX after dinner

C) To increase bust size:
• Take 2 or 4 EX with milk (after breakfast) PLUS 2 or 4 EX with milk (after dinner)

D) To loose weight:
• Take normally as above - PLUS 2 EX before bed on empty stomach
• No heavy meals from 7pm until bedtime.
• Replace with fibers, fruits & salad snacking.

Jom Order..

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